170 connections during an update

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I am having a similar issue, but not entirely related to incomplete updates.


My updates do indeed complete, however they EAM creates a bucketload of connection endpoints while it starts-performs-completes the update process. Not long ago, I counted approximately 170 endpoints during an update (via a lil' app called TCP View). They grow as the update continues. About a minute or two after exiting,, the endpoints slowly disappear in chunks of 4-6 at a time.


All other behavior is as expected, importing exporting settings, scans etc...


I read somewhere this update issue was rectified, unless I am dreaming...

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You can set the number of simultaneous downloads during an update process in EAM. Just open EAM, click on Settings in the menu at the top, and then click on Updates in the menu at the top and you'll find the option in the update settings.

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