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Dr. John

Do I need to fix these?

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Compaq Presario SR1055CL, Athlon XP processor @ 2.16 GHz, 512 MB DDR SDRAM, Windows XP Home SP3, Windows firewall, Windows Defender, Avast! Free antivirus. I scan from time to time for malware using Ad-Aware or A-Squared Free (always fully updated). Last night A-Squared found the following suspect items:

Trace.Registry.Spyware Striker Pro

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{17F912DA-24EB-458D-ABAA-387B2DFF}\InprocServer32 -->ThreadingModel

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\{17F912DA-24EB-458D-ABAA-387B2DFF}\InprocServer32 -->ThreadingModel



Question arising: are these false positives, or are they real threats which should be removed? A-Squared offered to remove or quarantine them.

I suspect that the AWhelper.dll is part of the original Compaq installation (which had quite a panoply of "extras") but don't know about the "Spyware Striker Pro" entries.

I did inform myself about both these items, and verified the existence and location of the AWhelper.dll file. What I don't know without further research is whether those registry keys actually do pertain to Spyware Striker Pro. Spyware Striker Pro does not appear, and AFAIK has never appeared, in the Add/Remove Programs list. I have certainly never installed it. None of the above items appear in the HJT log. There is nothing in the behavior of the computer that would lead me to think it is affected by malware.

So should I remove those items, quarantine them, or ignore them for the time being?

Thanks for enlightenment,

Dr. John

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Hi Dr. John,

That is not very clear yet whether that is a threat or not according to the info available out there

That is quite recent ad the reffs to Compaque & the "Striker"(??) found are not very convincing...

Sure, the 1st thing to do is to submit the file to EMSI developers from the detection list for analysis

It could be an FP, but we should never rely just on file names.

Are you experiencing any symptoms of system misbehaviour?

What Compaque Software installed on your PC in particular contains or requesting this library if you have that info (Is that indeed a Wallpaper pre-installed by Compaque?)

My regards

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