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Crush Dump due Emsisoft products?

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Sorry-of course, the CRASH!blush.png


Today I got a BSoD!unsure.png

It happened suddenly, when you shut down the PC.

On the next boot - the system is working properly (as if!), but OA offered to send to the address Emsisoft dump-file! The crash of a system is associated with the Emsisoft products?!

This is the first time!

please tell me-do I need to do something?




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Hi, Christian!

Thanks for the reply!

Yes, the version of EAM stable!

BSoD happened after updating EAM (screen 2).

It was after this update, I turned off the computer and crashed the system!

What would you advise to do? reinstall EAM? blink.png

Now everything works correctly. I did sfc/scannow - Windows does not detect violations of the integrity of the system!



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The error you got is rather unspecific unfortunately. It didn't show any of our code being involved. It could be possible that a more complete dump (kernel memory dump or even full memory dump) would show more, but at least at the moment we have little to go on in your case.

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from the sfc log all issues was repaired. After a restart the crashes occours again?


I will allow myself to disagree with the fact that the sfc logs all the files restored!blush.png
Not at all!
4 component - not restored.
And it shows (sorry) even I, a layman!
I found that the cause of damage in three incorrect at becoming the Windows updates. I had them removed.
Did again the test.
And now-indeed, all files are restored, no damage. Compare today's sfc log: now (2).txt - all is restored!
So unclear is the cause of BSoD in Windows updates (lately-a lot of messages about incorrect Microsoft updates)wacko.png
- or Emsisoft products...


sfcdetails (2).txt


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