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Forgive me if this is not the correct forum for this.


I downloaded Soda PDF 7 software to try. Upon installing it, Emsisoft Internet Security through up an alert that it was trying to install invisibly.


I blocked the installer program and decided to post my experience here.


This software boasts it is a Microsoft Partner on its web site ( This software is relatively widely known and distributed so how can it be malware.


Because I do not understand the details of the alert (i.e.: installing invisibly) so I am forced to trust Emsisoft however, I am disappointing because I need to try this software or something else similar.


Feedback and advise will be greatly appreciated.

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I have just tried and it installed fine.

There was one AMN notification but it said installer is safe.

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The alert from the Behavior Blocker was a generic notification that something was trying to save files without showing you an interface to tell you it was doing it. This does not mean that the program was malicious, and whether or not you allow it depends on whether or not you trust the software.

In this case I am not quickly finding anything that claims they are malicious. There is a comment from someone on Web Of Trusted posted about a year ago that they are involved in spam, however there is no real reason given as to why. No other quick checks are sending up any red flags on their website at least.

If you would like an alternative to Adobe's PDF software, but aren't certain if you want to trust Soda PDF 7, then Foxit Reader and PDF-XChange Editor are both relatively popular (please note that Foxit may be bundling a toolbar with their software).

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