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Does EIS disable Windows Firewall?


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EIS does disable the Windows Firewall and enables it again when you close EIS or stop the EIS firewall.

Thank you.

Yes, in the mean time I found out it disables Windows' firewall by installing EIS' 30 day trial version.


What I also found out is that I can utilize GlassWire still even though it uses Windows' firewall.


You might remember that I was loath to part with Online Armor, because I was so used to watching those green graphic mountains on its Firewall Status monitor, and see to whom and which counties my laptop was connected.


You recommended a nice substitute for that, but later I discovered Glasswire is also giving moving data mountains, and even little flags of the respective countries connected to, just like OA does. Plus other handy features, just like OA. And I'm using the free version of it.


So now that I know this, I would like to switch over to EIS and give up OA. I still have 477 and 476 days license time on both. I'll send you the keys in private.

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