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I need more specialized information about mechanism of EIS protection sections and performance of every section and How to communicate each section with another part. As an example, tell me how to work File Guard, Surf Protection, Behavior Blocker, Firewall, Online Banking Security

I read EIS help fully, and checked Emsisoft Support Forums. But I can not find my desired information. Pls help me or refer me to the relevant topics.



Best regards

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All basic functionality is covered by the documentation that comes with Emsisoft Internet Security. Could you let me know specifically what you want to know ore about?

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I'm working in consulting firm in the area of security. I need these information for our security meeting.

Fo example, some AVs have a Module as safe banking that provide banking security by it. So tell me how EmsiSoft products can provide online banking security?

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The protection in Emsisoft Internet Security is provided by 4 "Guards":

File Guard

The File Guard is essentially a real-time anti-virus protection, however it makes use of not only our own anti-virus engine and database, but also the anti-virus engine and database from BitDefender. This dual-engine system allows for a higher detection rate.

Behavior Blocker

The Behavior Blocker will monitor for any behavior that we have seen malicious software exhibit, and display an alert that gives you the opportunity to decide whether or not to allow the behavior. We of course employ a few systems for allowing the Behavior Blocker to make automated decisions. These include whitelisting digital certificates from trusted companies (such as Microsoft for example) that are used to digitally sign software so that programs with these trusted signatures are automatically allowed, an online cloud database of user decisions (this system can be opted out of at any time via the privacy settings), and when the Behavior Blocker requests information from our cloud database our system will also supplement with data from VirusTotal.

Surf Protection

A list of malicious websites and IP addresses is maintained by our malware analysts and some automated analysis systems which allows Emsisoft Internet Security to block access to malicious websites. For domain names this is done by filtering DNS requests, which prevents any software on the computer (not just web browsers) from obtaining the IP address of a website that is automatically blocked. This list can be supplemented with custom rules, and there is a function to import from a HOSTS file.


Our firewall is a relatively straightforward rule-based firewall. Applications running on the computer are automatically allowed access to the network/Internet (outgoing traffic is allowed automatically), however this can be changed in the "Automatic rule settings" from the firewall controls. Obviously Windows services are automatically blocked from public networks, whereas they are automatically allowed on a private network. The firewall will automatically use Windows network settings for public/private on versions of Windows that have those settings (such as Windows 7), and it can be configured manually.

As for banking-related threats, these are generally from malware or malicious changes to your network hardware (router configurations changed via UPnP for instance). All of the Guards mentioned above work towards preventing these threats, and giving you warnings if these threats should manage to make it on your computer.

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