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 1) Does Emsisoft have rescue disk? I feels like this is the only feature Emsisoft doesn't have. Other vendors such as BitDefender,Kaspersky,ESET,Avira or even the popular free AVAST have rescue disk then how come Emsisoft don't have one? I mean there's nothing wrong to have that feature right and include them on EAM and EIS?


2) Does Emsisoft protect agaisnt exploit? As far as i concern, other tough vendor such as BitDefender,Kaspersky,Norton(suck),and McAfee(suck) fail to detect exploit. That's why i want to ask you guys about it.

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As far as I know Emsisoft does not have both rescue disk and exploit mitigration.

What?!?!?!?!?! Exploit is another vulnerable things that Emsisoft should have! 

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I don't believe EIS has specific exploit protection like say HitmanPro Alert, HOWEVER,  whenever I run real malware against my setup which includes EIS,Appguard, and HitmanPro Alert, I always have to shut down EIS first, because it always stops the malware before it reaches the others.


So my final word  on this is - relax you are safe.



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1) Does Emsisoft have rescue disk?

Technically, the answer to this question is "no".

In the past, we've found that Emsisoft Emergency Kit (at least older versions of it) runs from a UBCD4Win disk, and thus it can be used to scan a system from a bootable CD. This, unfortunately, causes a number of complications. There are some things that cannot be scanned properly (no registry hives from the system will be loaded into memory), and I doubt that our ways of preventing Windows System Files from being removed will function, so not only is the scanner essentially crippled you could also potentially ruin the system by removing things without knowing what they are.

Building a proper bootable "rescue" environment would require a number of things:

  • We would need to make a Linux version of our scanning and cleaning engines, while tailoring them to scan a Windows system from a bootable environment.
  • Our developers would have to design special technology to read and modify Windows registry hives.
  • A Linux environment capable of running from a bootable CD would need to be created (most likely from scratch).
  • Tons of QA testing of all of the above would need to be done.
That's a lot of work, and would take a very long time. At the moment we don't have any plans to do that. Granted that doesn't mean we may not decide to do it in the future, however I don't expect that to happen any time soon.

2) Does Emsisoft protect agaisnt exploit?

No, we don't monitor for or block exploits. Our software does monitor for any potentially malicious behavior from applications that are not already trusted, and is capable of warning about that behavior so that you can choose to allow or block it based on your own judgment.

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