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The hiccups in emsisoft

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Now before anyone bashes me let me make something clear i use this product that i'm about to comment on for yrs.

Why does emsisoft have a submit malware part in they product & don't really utilize it, when i submit unknown malware it take days into weeks before they reply that is not acceptable,what is the purpose of it if it don't function,i love this product but that makes my heart bleed lumps of frustration,another thing when you open emsisoft go to protection press manage whitelist now why will you make the whitelisting box so cramped up, makes a person feel claustrophobic, so is the case when going to surf protection checking your rules,the  vertical lines goes off page or out of site,now i have been watching this from version 9 hoping it will get fix now this is 10 still no change now what is up with that?

The internal mechanism doesn,t work well & that needs addressing asap. If the product is global or striving to be then they must come to the realization that most people are not going to submit samples through forum.

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