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I am about to switch to EIS and checked if it would work with GlassWire. In thread "Does EIS disable Windows Firewall?", Fabian Wosar wrote: "GlassWire does also install its own filter driver. Keep in mind that while it may work that usage scenario is not officially supported.".


So I can not use EIS + GlassWire? What about some alternatives, like NetBalancer, NetLimiter or Net-Peeker?


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You can try to use it and chances are it will work out just fine. Keep in mind though that we have never tested EIS with Glasswire or similar products and if you run into issues, we will most likely only suggest to remove these other tools.

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The free version doesn't have network control, but I have tried it and EIS and Glasswire worked together for me.  I haven't left installed at this time.

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