What are the best Firewall Settings?

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Hi everyone, I'm still new to using EIS, I hope you could give me some advice. :wub:


Under Firewall Settings and then Automatic Rule Settings, what would you suggest are the best options to use?


I want as much security as I can get (obvs) but at the same time I don't want to be spammed with notifications. That's the problem I had with my previous AV+Firewall combo that it was far too talkative, it gets on my nerves quick when I have to research a bazillion connection prompts (especially HIPs prompts).


If you have any advice on other settings too I'd appreciate it very much!


I currently use a NAT Router (old) and my current EIS settings are (for trusted) Allow/Allow and (untrusted) Ask/Ask. I read somewhere else that for better security a (trusted) Block/Ask and (Untrusted) Block/Ask is better?



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Emsisoft Internet Security default settings is still pretty damn good for detects any incoming threats. As my suggestion with other 2 users above me, i would say leave it at default. If you don't have any problem with the current firewall settings, then you shouldn't mess with it. But if you are paranoid then i suggest you set scan level to fast instead balanced, because fast will automatically scan applications when it been excuted

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The default are generally recommended for the best security with a minimum amount of alerts.

I don't recommend setting automatic block rules for applications, and especially not for trusted applications. For ones that are untrusted an automatic block rule may may sense and may not cause problems the majority of the time, but for anything else it will probably cause problems and confusion later down the road.

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