AdwCleaner did some cleaning, EIS missed?

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Infections which aren't found by Emsisoft can you report here. If you already have a topic you can post in a response new not found malware, otherwise open a topic. See the guidelines.


About AdwCleaner, that are browser extensions which are removed, pretty sure that Emsisoft and others don't search for that, same if for IE proxy settings.


Edit: I see that you don't have a Malware Submission topic, so if you read the guidelines you can click here to open a topic.

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Here is the log from, AdwCleaner I ran.

That's always a possibility. The guys who make AdwCleaner focus on what we consider Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs), and they receive help from a lot of independent security experts in finding that sort of stuff. Our malware analysts will add things that AdwCleaner detects that our software doesn't if they feel the detected items do fit our criteria for being added to our database (obviously some stuff doesn't, as AdwCleaner does try to remove my Xerox printer's utilities when I run it on my computer, and we wouldn't want to add that to our database as well).

As for the thing Malwarebytes Anti-Malware found, please feel free to submit it as Mark de Jager recommended, or you can upload it to VirusTotal and post the link to the analysis for us as well.

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