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Hello and thank you for your request.


It is as Peter2150 already suggested, a trial version is a free gift from us so that someone can try the full version of our software for 30 days for free. Only valid full license keys can be renewed with customer rebate.


So for the initial purchase there is no rebate. Then if a customer decides to renew this full version license key we can count him to our existing customers an offer appropriate rebate for a renewal.

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Dear Mark,


One possibility is that you refer your mothers license - this way your mother needs to pay the full price as new customer and we can extend your own key for six further month because of the referral. You can also purchase a further new license key as a gift for your mother - we would offer you 25% for your order for a new license key.


Another possibility would be that you simply use a 2-PC license key with your mother, I would recommend this way as you can take advantage of volume rebate and your license will end the same day and can be extended with one renewal order. Basically because of the volume rebate we offer for a 2-PC key the price for your mothers license will be half of the price you already payed if you go this way.


Please just drop me a PM if you would want to have an offer for an upgrade to a 2-PC license key from your own license.

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