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Cannot block malware websites via 360chrome explorer

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Hi there,


I am a Chinese user and I use 360chrome explorer.  You can download and test it from their website:


The problem is that Emsisoft cannot block the malware websites via using this explorer. An example is shown in the picture in the attachment. It has alerted but has not blocked the website. However, when I use IE for test, it is blocked. I have tested a lot of the malware websites and they all have not been blocked.


Please fix it. Thanks




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Emsisoft already block that site. However, it seems like its able to load which is not really concern to me if it not able to drop a malware onto your machine. This also happens to other AVs as well such as Kaspersky, were Kaspersky detect the site after the malware file able to pop up and asking you whether to run it or save it. Also, you can use virustotal.com to check if Emsisoft and other vendors detect the site which will give you more information and accurate result.

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Our Surf Protection works by blocking attempts to obtain the IP address of a website by blocking the DNS request of your web browser (if the domain name matches one in our Host Rules, of course). If this 360 browser is using an alternate means of obtaining the IP address of a website, then our Surf Protection would not be able to filter it.

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