a2service.exe High Cpu @ Memory Usage

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Is it normal that this process use usually 10-25% of my cpu time and take 500mb ram?


After reboot and 0 program started it's still use 10% cpu. It's anoying. :(


I attached a processmonitor log file.

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In to log you are running uTorrent. What happens if you close uTorrent? Does the system load go back to normal?

If I close it than a little bit better, but still the cpu time is around 10%. Alsoe I tried to exclude utorrent port, and the application too, but again I don't think that cause the problem.


If I turned off the firewall completly there are no cpu usage at all (maybe it's kill the process). 


edit: So I reinstalled the Emsisoft IS and now utorrent isn't running then the cpu usage is gone, but when it's running it is around 5% now.

Is this normal or still above normal?

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That is more than it should be. Can you try to enable the beta updates and update to the latest beta version of Emsisoft Internet Security? You can do so by enabling the "Enable beta updates" option under "Settings"/"Updates" and then running an update manually. You will likely have to reboot afterwards as well.


We did add a lot of performance improvements in the current beta version. So that may already fix the issue you are experiencing.

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