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comand line scanner how to scan a folder

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They're all written in a2cmd_readme.txt

a-squared Command Line Scanner v. 4.5.0.x

© 2003-2009 Emsi Software GmbH -

a2cmd.exe [path] | [parameters]

Scan parameters (can be used together):

/f=[], /files=[path] Scan files

/quick Scans all active programs, Spyware Traces and


/smart Good and fast result, but only important folders will

be scanned

/deep Slowest scan. All files on all hard disks will be

scanned deeply

/m, /memory Scan Memory for active Malware

/t, /traces Scan for Spyware Traces

/c, /cookies Scan for Tracking Cookies

Scan settings parameters (used with scan parameters):

/h, /heuristic Heuristic scan for unknown Malware

/r, /riskware Alert Riskware that is often used by Malware

/a, /archive Scan in compressed archives (zip, rar, cab)

/n, /ntfs Scan in NTFS Alternate Data Streams

/l=[], /log=[filepath] Save a logfile in UNICODE format

/la=[], /logansi=[filepath] Save a logfile in ANSI format

/x=[], /ext=

  • Scan only specified file extensions, comma delimited

/xe=[], /extexclude=

  • Scan all except the specified file extensions

/wl=[], /whitelist=[file] Load whitelist items from the file

/d, /delete Delete found objects including references

/dq, /deletequick Delete found objects quickly

/q=[], /quarantine=[folder] Put found Malware into Quarantine

Malware handling parameters (standalone parameters):

/ql, /quarantinelist List all quarantined items

/qr=[], /quarantinerestore=[n] Restore the item number n of the quarantine

/qd=[], /quarantinedelete=[n] Delete the item number n of the quarantine

General parameters:

/s /service Run scanner with support of the a-squared service to keep the

signatures in RAM and avoid long loading time on batch scan jobs.

/u, /update Update Malware signatures

/?, /help Show help message


Example: a2cmd /f="c:\windows\" /m /t /c /h /r /a /n /q

Description: Scans c:\windows. Memory, Traces and Cookie scan enabled.

Uses heuristics, displays Riskware and scans in Archives and ADS.

Puts found Malware in Quarantine.

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i need help with the comand line scanner im trying to scan a folder of files

i need a sample of the command...

Hi julevine, welcome to the forum

If you search this new and old Forums using keywords like “a2cmd”; “Command Line Scanner” ' “CLS” etc you will find a lot of discussions

Below are few threads you can read in this Forum.

you can look through subsequent links as well

and inside there is a reference to

… etc. you will find a lot of examples including VB scripts in the old forum

There are definitely examples of what you are searching for for.

Setting parameters for scanning folder/file are included in the referred threads

but if you need more info, please don't hesitate to ask

My regards

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