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2 BSODs probably involving EMSISOFT services in last 4 months


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Been an OA user for years.

Switched to EIS last march.

In the first days I had a similiar issue that your customer service quickly solved  ( http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/16995-five-bsod-since-i-started-using-eis-last-week/ ) :D


On 8 may I had a crash


"SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION"  probably caused by rasl2tp.sys  its bugcheck code is 0x0000003b


Last one happened a couple hours ago .... I was websurfing (Firefox) while Steam was downloading an update


"IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" probably caused by ntoskrnl.exe its bugcheck code is 0x0000000a


Out of curiosity I opened these two crash dumps with WinDebug


In the older one there is a reference to "fwndis64.sys" ; in the last one to "a2service.exe".

Both are Emsisoft related isn't it true


Can you help me






OS Windows 7 64 bit Home



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PM received, thanks.


Unfortunately the dump that contained information about fwndis64.sys driver didn't help to identify the problem (if there's any).


However, we've published a new release (with a new version of firewall engine) and you seem to have it installed now

(according to the version of the file you sent me).


I'd appreciate if you'd send me another dump in case you'd encounter another BSOD.


Sorry again,


Thank you in advance,

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