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Would it not have been possible to simply continue to maintain the white lists for OnlineArmor?

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Would it not have been possible to simply continue to maintain the white lists for OnlineArmor?  The Emsisoft database will doubtless continue to be maintained.  What you have done is to disconnect a lot of people who might or might not have gone on to contribute revenue to Emsisoft.  This enlightened decision will detach almost all of those people from Emsisoft.


The painful fact for us all is that OnlineArmor is the simplest most effective defence ever for many non-tech users.  Once it is installed, it requires almost no effort and expertise to use thanks to the excellent white list driven HIPS.  OnlineArmor has blemishes but none are so serious as the enforced loss of this highly effective and simple to use security tool.


Of course Emsisoft has the right to withdraw this wonderful product, just as anyone has the right to self-mutilate.  It also contradicts the models of such as Avast and AVG.  Those companies perceive the benefits to themselves from showing a limited but useful generosity to a wide spectrum of computer users.  Emsisoft obviously does not.

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Online Armor uses a dedicated server backend that is developed independently from the backend all our other products use. Keeping an unmaintained server backend on just for the sake of keeping it running,is a really bad idea when it comes to the security of our server operations. I am happy to hear that Online Armor works for you, but that was simply not the experience for the majority of its users.

Comparisons with Avast, AVG or Avira are pretty pointless. Unlike them, we actually have to live from our home user sales. If your main revenue stream comes from company sales, providing your product for free to home users is a valid way to do business. Even more so if you have no ethical concerns of invading their privacy and turning their systems into free detection nodes for your big data cloud infrastructure. That is not a business model that would work for us though.

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