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Hey guys, I wanted to learn how to use this tool and wanted to ask a few questions.


1. How long will the Full Scan take?

I have been told like five hours I believe, and have read 50min-I suppose this is for a shorter scan.


2. I looked for a tutorial but could not find a good one for EEK, perhaps the regular Help for the installed will be the same?


3. And any other things a first time user should know.  I want to learn Malware Removal, because of health issues...I think it will be a good way to make a living.  I will be very interested in the paid version of this tool if I can learn how to do this well enough.


4. I have a friends Windows 7 pc now that I want to scan, and one of my own that I could practice on-that is a fresh install.


Thanks in advance!

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I'm not a staff member, just a user. :)

1. There is no Full Scan - usually Malware Scan is enough. If you want to do a full scan, perform a Custom Scan with the default settings.

2. EEK is really simple to use. Just extract it, launch it, update it, run a scan and quarantine whatever it found. Done.

The help file for EAM do apply for EEK, at least in terms of scanning and cleaning (not the installation and license parts though).

3. You can only know what you need when you actually try out the tool. :)

4. Just follow #2 and you will be good.

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Thank you very much! I see now, I just opened it, it's different than the installed version as I understand it.


Just took a look at the pc in question and it has Spyware Clear on it for starters.  It is a friends computer and I would like to clean it up for him so that i can learn how to do this.  I'm not sure if this is the best tool to use.  It seems as though-this Malware leaves new additions in the Registry and that MBAM is the ticket.  Will EEK fix the registry also or should I continue on with this tool?  


I appears that it can be uninstalled just in the Uninstall Programs Utility, or the same but in Safe Mode.  Would you like to help/comment on this for me?


Should I be posting this in a different area at this point?  This is a very good site, hope to stick around!


Thank you!

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EEK does clean the registry - if it encounters an entry it cannot remove, the tool will direct you to the "Help, my PC is infected!" area to seek help from the Malware Removal Experts.

To remove EEK from your computer, just delete the folder and it will be gone. :)

Edit: I see that we both come from the same place :lol:

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