Update message and a2cmd.exe file signature signer expired [Resolved]

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A2 free running on windows7

Everytime I recevie thus meesage when update is done.

Have you noticed that a2cmd.exe file signature signer expired?

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Hi Ray,

Can you be more specific?

1st please tell what is the window depicted?

How precisely you got it?

And excuse us, please translate every single line there,... because … you know why...

Running a2cmd here works perfectly

1)the system as in my signature. The folder is my Visual Basic Development.

I switched to VB10 already, but it doesn't matter in this context. Ran it against VB8 cause the folder is huge. And as you can see the scan is running

a2cmd_ScanRunning.jpg Important note: this instance of a2cmd was fired from the base folder of the a-2Free

2) Now,

Here is a recent a2cmd specifically downloaded after I read your post

and I placed into “any folder” that has nothing to do with the base installation folder

a2cmdLatest_Update_SeparateFolder.jpg I ran just an update – everything is fine again

3)and here is win 7 x64 & the latest a2cmd is running from the base folder of the latest A-M beta 5


So, can you please clarify the problem in addition to the translation, please

My regards

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Sorry,I was busy for lunch and plus some new "clean install" requests wait for my go.The message is as follows:

I'm sorry for the language.This time I drag it to windows xp english VPC and snag it again.

Now the digital signature updated. :)

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You'd rather pointed that u were talking about the "digital" one

I'll mark the request as [Resolved]


Please run an online update. We have refreshed the signature with a new one.

...Now the digital signature updated...

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