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possible false possitive

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i have found apossible false positive trojan detection win32.crypt.A2,isent the sample to virustotal and only the asquared found this in C:\windows\system32\C2MP\AviC.exe.i use windows xp avg

and malwarebytes and prevx and hitman.Only asquared found this,thanks

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Hi emihaela85,

Please submit the file flagged to EMSI developers for analysis from the detection list if you are not sure

According to the brief research the file could be indeed unwanted / malware

despite we should never rely on the file names only

Provide more detailed information about your System Environment as in Forum Posting Rules #2)

My regards

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mr lynx i have windows xp pro.,comodo firewall defense plus,prevx,hitman,malwarebytes annd anvir.none of them have found this trojan win32.crypt.!a2.also i sent to squared samples for further analyses.also i scanned the whole computer with trend micro housecall and they have found nothing.also i use hijackfree .all seems normal.

best regards emihaela85

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1st you don't need to call me "Mr." :)

Then, the info you provided says nothing

What I'm suspecting - that could be some kinda video codec changer between XviD and DivX. In this case in may be FP

... anyway at this stage, since you submitted the file. please wait and rescan after subsequent updates,

but if your computer is misbehaving that could be a different story and the way to investigate

My regards

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