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USB Memory Stick ~ How To Scan It?

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Your device will not automatically be scanned, but any active malware attempting to run from it, will be stopped.

To scan it you can just right-click the device under Computer and select "scan with Emsisoft Anti-Malware".

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Thank you.


I guess on my Winsows 8.1 it doesn't work, as I don't see the option appear when I right click on the device. See attached screen shot.


But because as you said any malware activity would be detected and stopped by Emsisoft, including originating on the memory stick when plugged in, it doesn't really matter. That it is being detected and stopped is all that matters.  :D


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Thank you for pointing that out. Could you please verify if you see the context menu option for individual file (for example on your desktop or in your downloads folder) when right-clicking?


Also, please make sure that in EAM/EIS under Settings > General the option "Explorer Integration" is checked. If this option is unchecked you won't see the context menu scan option.

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Thank you again.


It turns out that if I just set the cursor on a file, program, or external medium, and it looks marked blue, and then I right-click with the respective button below my touchpad, I don't see the EIS scan option panel appear, instead I get the other panel, and the object is no no longer marked blue. I must click on it again to get the panel with the EIS scan option. To open anything I must double-tap on my touchpad, or press the right click button below the touchpad, and then tap on "Open.".


Glad this is solved now. After years I was now able to scan my external media with Emisoft. First I had EAM and now EIS. and never utilized their customized scan option so far.



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