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Just bought licenses for our network.  Installed EEC on server, and tried deploying to a few test clients, which failed.  Looked at this forum, and looks like this is pretty much the norm with it not working.  So since I don't have a lot of clients, about 30, figured i might just install the client manually, and then maybe I can configure the settings from EEC.  Nope, that's not working either.  EEC does not see the client machines as having EAM installed.  So then I thought I'd just abandon EEC since it doesn't appear to work very well, and just configure one client with the proper settings, then maybe i'd be able to copy the config to my other clients.  Nope, that too doesn't work, even though there's an import export feature in settings.  I'm not really wanting to manually apply all the settings to each client.

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