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License query re upgrading from OA Armor & Anti-Malware to Emisoft Internet Security

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I am rather confused.  I only just found out that Online Armor & the Anti-Malware bundle that I have on 5 computers in my household will be expiring next year and thought I would upgrade to Emisoft Internet Security even though my license didn't expire until the end of the year/early next year.  I wasn't quite sure what to do but went ahead & clicked on Renew License within the OA program and purchased the EIS for 6 computers (not 5 as I needed an extra one) for around $127 Australian so I downloaded to my own laptop the EIS installer & then uninstalled OA, rebooted, then uninstalled the Anti-Malware program & rebooted twice then installed the new EIS which all went smoothly.  The remaining days I had left were added to the new program so no problems there (yay!).


I had been sent an email from you with a License Key which I entered for my laptop as No. 1 of 6 on the list and that all went fine - but it did say that I needed a different license key for each copy of the program.  This is where I am confused.  I was only sent ONE license key in the email from you and it said was for 6 Licenses - but there are not 6 different ones!  Or will this License Key work on all the other laptops in my household?  I am just very hesitant to go through all the uninstalling on all my other systems to then find that the same License Key does not work & find that the laptops cannot be used due to no anti-virus/anti-malware/firewall because they are needed for studying & everyone would look at me like this---> :mad:


Can you please help me? :wacko:  Thanks in advance  :) <---- please put a smile back on my face!


I am running Windows 7 Professional x64 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1, no other security programs other than the default Windows Defender.





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According to the first post, the wording of the email that Emsisoft send to people who purchase multiple licences needs to be rewritten.  It should

explian that one doesn't need multiple different keys, if one has purchased one licence for multiple machines.

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Sorry for my delay in getting back to my original post - at hospital with a loved one.  Jeremy is correct in understanding my post that it is the confusion about the wording in the email because it said I needed a different license key for each computer that EIS was to be installed on.  I have since loaded EIS onto another computer using the same License Key as my 1st computer - and all went fine - so there is no problem:  it is just the wording of the email that made me hesitate for fear it would leave my computers in my household used for school studies unusable/without protection.  I would really encourage Emisoft to rephrase the email.  Thanks so much :)

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