EIS notification icon keeps disappearing

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I recently upgraded to Windows 10 Professional from Windows 7. Most of my notification icons are hidden, but I like to keep the EIS (version icon visible. That worked fine in Win7, but unfortunately, it keeps disappearing in Win10...


In the Windows notification settings, multiple EIS entries are shown, which I suspect is part of the problem (or at least a symptom):


Download Image


There is also an entry for the current icon (which shows the actual icom and the last update date/time), but that got the default "Off" setting:



Any idea if there's anything I can configure, either in this version of EIS, or in Win10? If not, any plans for a fix in a future version of EIS?




P.S. This looks similar to a problem reported last year (see, but no resolution was reported in that post.

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A couple of our developers let me know that they weren't able to reproduce this behavior on their own test systems. The icon always shows for them.

They also let me know that the behavior of hiding/showing icons in the Notification Area hasn't changed much since Windows 7 and 8, so there probably won't be any advanced configuration options to tweak anywhere. Chances are it's just a bug in Windows 10, and Microsoft will have to fix it.

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