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Upgrade to version 5631 failed


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Having received version 5631 I restarted the computer.


When EIS failed to start the firewall - even manually - I restarted the computer once again, then went looking.


I noted that the Emsisoft Protection Service had not started (even though set to 'Automatic') so I attempted to start the service manually. The service refused to start, reporting the following error message: "Windows could not start the Emsisoft Protection Service service on Local Computer. Error 1075: The dependency service does not exist or has been marked for deletion."


I also noted that the Emsisoft Network Filter was missing from the network adapter properties. I was able to correct this issue by following your instructions to add the service to the adapter.


I then restarted the computer once again. The Emsisoft Protection Service still refuses to start (generating error 1075).


OTOH the Emsisoft Network Filter is now installed.


And EIS now refuses to start at all.


Help !

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It is a really bad idea to mess with the firewall drivers unless someone explicitly told you to do it. You can quite easily completely mess up your network stack, making access to any network (including the internet) impossible. If for some reason the update didn't work on your system, the cleanest way is to uninstall EIS and reinstall it from a freshly downloaded setup which is available here:



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Hi Fabian


I downloaded EIS,


I then removed the current installation, restarted the computer twice, then installed the downloaded file.


The installation froze and eventually had to be stopped via Task Manager.



  1. Internet connectivity was cut.
  2. The Emsisoft Network Filter was missing from the network adapter properties. When I looked at the properties Windows reported that the property sheets were already open.
  3. The Emsisoft Protection Service was installed but not started.
  4. The a2* process was running.

My guess is that the install failed whilst attempting to add the Emsisoft Network Filter.


I have uninstalled 5631. I still have the install for 5561 but am reluctant to install it since it will in all likelihood automatically update itself to 5631 as part of the install <sigh>

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My problem was caused by a conflict with files from previous versions of Emsisoft products.


Fabian logged into my machine using TeamViewer and deleted the files. Now all is well.


Install TeamViewer on your computer (if you don't already have it installed) then ask the Emsisoft support staff to perform the clean-up for you.

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I will contact the support, Teamviewer is installed :-)

If you haven't already set up a time for someone to connect to your computer, then feel free to send me a private message with your Time Zone (and whether or not you observe Daylight Savings Time), and whatever times and dates work best for you. Please keep in mind that I usually need 24-hours notice before the time you want to do the TeamViewer session. ;)

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