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EAM stopped working after System Restore

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Hi Emsi Team, I really wasn't sure whether to send you an email or to post this support request on your forum.

Anyway, two days ago EAM reported that it couldn't start and to get in touch with support. I had a go at fixing it myself, and I did actually fix it, but now I'm not sure if I did.


As to what might have caused the original issue. Well my function keys/ hot keys on my Thinkpad were playing up I think, one of the Lenovo assigned keys wasn't doing it's job. This caused me to run a System Restore. It was after the SR that EAM reported that it couldn't start.

Sorry if that was long-winded, anyway here is what I did. I uninstalled EAM, rebooted, from this following link I downloaded and ran Emsiclean, including deleting the software folder: http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/11068-unable-to-uninstall-emsisoft-anti-malware-unins000msg-error/, rebooted and ran CCleaner. I then reinstalled EAM, reconfigured scans and checked all the settings, and everything appeared to be fine. 


Except, now when I run a Malware Scan, it is done in just 5 seconds! I know that scans have gotten much quicker, but this doesn't feel right to me. The EAM interface reports that everything is as it should be.


Unfortunately I also deleted the report that Emsiclean generated to my desktop, I did read it though and it said that everything was successful (which is why I then deleted it and assumed everything was fine).




Thanks, Chig.


Here is hopefully all the additional info you asked for:

Lenovo ThinkPad laptop

Emsi AntiMalware (Product edition? I pay annually, is that the edition?)

Win8.1 x64.

Windows firewall together with Windows Firewall Control.

Sandboxie. Shadow Defender.

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It's relatively normal for the System Restore to break something like anti-virus software. The System Restore will revert drivers and services to older versions, but it won't revert all of the files from Emsisoft Anti-Malware to older versions, so it's fairly normal to have to reinstall Emsisoft Anti-Malware if restoring to a point before the latest version of Emsisoft Anti-Malware was installed.

Try saving the EICAR test file on your desktop (I usually use the one named eicar.com when testing), and run the Malware Scan again to see if it detects the file. Please note that you will need to turn the File Guard off before downloading the EICAR test file, as the File Guard will automatically delete it.

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