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emsisoft not quarantining redirect virus/malware

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hello emsisoft!


i've been running scans on my computer for a few weeks now, but still the redirect keeps happening.  the very first scan i ran was a full scan for all drives and 7 items were found, but emsisoft only quarantined 2 of them.


since then, i have continued to have these redirect popups and they are taking control of my computer!  i can no longer run a scan via emsisoft using chrome.  when i try, the emsisoft program goes into some kind of script where, no matter where i click on the screen, the responses are automatic and ineffective.  in other words, the scan will not run! 


i am attaching all the logs i have run, since i did not begin with the emergency kit.  i kind of went at it backwards, i guess.


i'm running windows 7 professional.  the browser i can no longer use is chrome.  i'm using opera to do this troubleshooting and post this plea.


if there is any further information i can provide, please let me know.


once this is posted, i am going to run  the emsisoft emergency kit using opera, as i believe i can still get it to scan.


thank you.









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