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Dear JeremyNicoll,


Thank you for contacting our support.


AV-Comparatives usually limits the number of participants in their tests, I'm sorry I can't tell you an exact reason why Emsisoft Mobile Security is not tested. However, if you are interested in how it performs in relation to the other vendors listed there please have a closer look at BitDefenders results. As we partner very closely with them when it comes to Emsisoft Mobile Security the test results of both products should be pretty much the same. Maybe this is a reason why you don't see Emsisoft Mobile Security there as well.


Thank you for your interest in our software solutions!

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The AV-Comparitives report says in it:


  "This report contains details of products by leading manufacturers that agreed to have their products tested."


So... did you not agree?


I am surprised, bearing in mind that your other products do regularly get tested and score well.

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The Android tests are unfortunately not included in AV-Comparatives' main test series, so they are to be paid separately. Since we're closely partnering with Bitdefender for Emsisoft Mobile Security, we expect their results to apply mostly to our product as well and therefore we simply saved the money to have ours included in those tests too.

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