KB2958399 required but not available

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When installing the suite, I was told that KB2958399 was needed, and I should install the suite without it at my own risk.



1. KB2958399 This is not listed anywhere in my Windows Update


2. When I found it on the microsoft site -- clicked on a link from another message in this forum -- I found that it was only available for Win7 USA version. I am running Win7 in French. 


So what next?





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Thanks, that was helpful. I was also put off by the fact that I did not see the fix listed in my Windows Update list. I was not aware that Microsoft have fixes that are not even listed.


Now, there is a balance of risk here. Microsoft say somewhere to only install it if you are experiencing problems since the fix can itself cause problems. Right now I am OK. Is it your experience that many users live without it and only install it if they hit this stop 0x..D1 error?


I work on the 'if it ain't broke don't fix it' mentality. 


Would it be reasonable to leave things alone, then later apply the hotfix if I hit problems?

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For some reason Microsoft thinks this fix is only needed when Microsoft SQL Server is installed, and so it doesn't show up in Windows Update (at least not for Windows 7).

I've never heard any reports of issues with this particular hotfix, and I have it installed on my own computer without any issues. I think Microsoft just puts that there as a generic "your mileage may vary" kind of message.

It is possible to go without the hotfix if you haven't installed Windows Updates in the past year, however I'm sure you can imagine that that isn't really a safe thing to do. ;)

The crashes do seem to happen more frequently when using certain programs. A good example of this is Google Chrome, which at least from reports by customers seems to cause the crashing to happen more frequently.

All of that being said, if you aren't experience the crashing, then you can hold off on installing the hotfix if you want to.

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I've installed the hotfix on my 3 windows 7 machines, 1 VM, and 3 other machines I help take care of.   Not a single issue.    But one of the machines in which we delayed the hot fix was having daily crashes.  None since the hot fix.

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