a2 freezes desktop

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Hi all!

I'm having some issues with a2. I cannot open it now so I cannot see the version of the program. Must be the last one.

I use Windows Vista and have Avira Antivir, Zemana Antilog and Comodo Firewall working alongside.

Now every time a2 opens it blocks my desktop. All my icons and deskbar disappears and the computer becomes useless. I have this issues since just 2 days ago.

The only way I have now is to close a2 as soon as it open at booting the computer, and if I turn it on again after, it blocks my computer also. So I'm sure it's an issue with a2.

I wonder if anyone is having the same issue and how can I resolve it :/

Sorry if I don't have the right info, I'm not that knowledgeable with all this :)

Thanks for your help.

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Hi ftv00es, welcome to the forum

1st please confirm that we are talking about Free edition

Have a look into the installation folder and tell the version of the main executable a2free.exe (see Properties)... and it's stated on the main GUI screen since you are saying that you can (rather should) close it

If you were able to run/update Emsisoft Free two days ago, then most likely something changed in conjunction with your “other” security.

Where there any Alerts / Flaggings from any of mentioned Software?

You can review existing rules regarding a2 that currently exist in these programs.

It's better to remove and recreate them when and of you will be asked during the start of Emsisoft

After that create Exclusion rules for a-squared so it's not monitored by your security.

You can try temporarily disabling real-time residents - all of them or do that one by one.

In addition to that you can start PC in Safe Mode with networking and attempt to run/update a2.

What version of Comodo Firewall you are using?

I am running v3.14 and Defense+ and there are no conflicts, but if you switched to the latest version 4.xxx - then as a test – disable Sandbox and Defense+ (if you will try completely disabling the latter you need Reboot).

Use System Event Viewer and see if any Warnings/Errors were logged at the time you were launching a-squared.

Please try that and hopefully it will be possible to pinpoint what is causing the problem.

As a last resort you may need clean reinstall of Emsisoft. But please don't rush with that.

In any case if you will decide to do that – it is advisable to remove all existing rules as pointed above prior to the new installation.

My regards

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Hey Lynx,

Thank you so much for your help!

I will try all that you mention tomorrow see if there's anything that works and I'll let you know :) Don't have much time now :(

Thanks again for your help!

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