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Question About Changing to Emsisoft Internet Security

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I am not an active forum member although I have successfully used the Emsisoft Ant Malware and Online Armor products for a number of years. Never had any problems. Everything worked so well in the background and I never had an issue with computer infection either.  


Now I hear that Online Armor is no longer going to be available after March 2016. 


What are my options for maintaining the same level of protection? Is the Emsisoft Internet Security comparable? 


Do I need to uninstall my two products before I buy the Internet Security?


Is the initial installation of the Internet Security program difficult to do? 


I am not a computer geek. Just your basic fairly comfortable user.  The gentleman who built and set up my computer recommended this and went ahead and installed everything initially. All I have been doing is the yearly renewals.  I think that was in 2011.


Just want to prepare for how I should handle upcoming renewals in early November. 


I did try reading through some of the posts but they are a bit out of my league of understanding at times....or maybe I am not reading the correct ones. As I said I am not a forum user so I don't know my way around here at all. If this has already been answered somewhere I would be happy to read what has already been posted elsewhere. I just couldn't seem to locate it.



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Dear Elle,


Thank you for contacting our support.


Our new security suite Emsisoft Internet Security was designed with usability in mind, so if you want to have a firewall from us with as less user interaction necessary as possible then Emsisoft Internet Security should fit perfectly for you.


Not all features from Online Armor Premium are present in Emsisoft Internet Security and it is not Emsisoft Anti-Malware with Online Armor Premium integrated, instead it is more like Emsisoft Anti-Malware with a new efficient firewall core that is as powerful as the one found in Online Armor but doesn't cut back on usability.


If you should still have valid license keys for Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Online Armor Premium we are happy to convert them for you to a new license for Emsisoft Internet Security. If you upgrade either this way or during a renewal over our renewal site you would need to uninstall Online Armor Premium and restart the computer twice(!), uninstall Emsisoft Anti-Malware and restart your computer again and then download, install and activate Emsisoft Internet Security.


You can download the installer for Emsisoft Internet Security from our homepage and if you start the installation with a double click on the downloaded file the setup wizard will guide you through the install process which should be pretty easy:


You might want to contact us with your license key(s) under helpdesk (at) emsisoft (dot) com or send me a private message here in the forum so that we can help you with your upgrade/renewal to Emsisoft Internet Security.


Should you have any further questions, please just let us know.

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