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Configuring Email Notifications

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Please Help for Email Notification


How to Config

How to Use


What is SMTP Address?

What is Ports?

What is SMTP Authentication?



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The SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) address is the address of the SMTP server that you are going to use to handle sending the e-mails.

The port number would be whatever the port number of your SMTP server is (default should be 25).

SMTP authentication is the method used for sending your username and password to log you in to the SMTP server you are using. When turned off there is no username or password, and this option should only be turned off with local SMTP servers that don't require a login. When turned on a set to "Without TLS" it will use login methods that are not encrypted, and thus are not secure, so this should only be used on SMTP servers that don't support TLS/SSL encryption. The other three options all use TLS encryption. "Require TLS" will require TLS encryption for the connection, and the other two are different ways of requesting TLS support (there are a few differences, which can include different port numbers, and supposedly the Internet Engineering Task Force recommend Explicit when possible, however which you use is determined by the SMTP server and how it is configured).

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