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Emsisoft's protection level after shutting down the protection and restarting it

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I intentionally shut down the Emsisoft protection to see the Captcha protection in action and it worked as expected. No issues there.


I then restarted the protection by opening the Emsisoft product and it seemed all fine, however it looked like the Windows task manager had a different story to tell.


I saw that the Emsisoft protection service used just 1 MB of the memory where as usually, it would use more than 100 MB of the physical memory. So I waited for a couple of minutes and then reopened the task manager and this time, the memory usage showed the usual results.


I have 8 GB of RAM installed by the way just in case.


The memory usage though keeps fluctuating drastically and I say that because at times, the memory usage would be as low as 1 MB or even less than that and then at the other times, it would be more than 200 MB.


I understand that the service can take up resources and the utilization would vary but I want to know if a variation such as this is considered normal 


I just want to make sure that my desktop has the complete Emsisoft protection enabled and therefore just out of curiosity, would like to know if this is a normal behavior or if there is something that I need to be aware of.




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Normal memory usage can be over 200MB, however Emsisoft Internet Security will offload signatures that are not being used into the pagefile in order to reduce memory usage, and that can significantly reduce memory usage like you are seeing. Obviously when an application tried to use something that was in memory that has been moved to the pagefile, Windows will automatically move it back into RAM so that it can be accessed normally, and this is where those fluctuations you are seeing come from. Basically the database is being moved to and from the pagefile.

If you want to, you can open the settings in Emsisoft Internet Security and disable the memory optimization, and that will prevent Emsisoft Internet Security from trying to move parts of the database into the pagefile to reduce memory usage. Depending on the performance of your hard drives, you might also notice a slight performance increase by doing this.

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