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When adding a new rule to block a website can I use a wildcard term or must it be a specific, individual address for each website?


e.g.  I want to block two sites....  and


In Surf Protection > Add new rule > Ruleset config.... can I use *.badsite.* as the hostname or do I need to create two seperate entries?



Also if I want to export my list of blocked sites to import into another PC using EIS, where would I find this list?


Running Windows 7 64-bit, EIS full version with latest updates.



Thanks in advance for your help.

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If you add a rule for a domain name, then it automatically covers all subdomains. As an example (using a safe website), if you add to be blocked, and then try to navigate to or then those would be blocked as well without the need for other rules.

Currently wildcards are not technically supported, and while you won't see an error if you use them, using them will have unpredictable results. For instance, I tried adding a rule to block gt500.* and then navigated to and (a different site, but also safe). While was blocked, was not blocked (possibly because I had previously created a rule to block and deleted it, but had never created a rule to block

For exporting/importing settings, simply click on Settings in the menu at the top of the EIS window, and then Import settings and Export settings buttons in the upper-right of that screen. When exporting you'll have checkboxes to import/export specific types of settings/rules, and they will be exported in human-readable INI files with relatively simple formats. You'll also notice a button to restore factory default settings, which also has checkboxes to select exactly what type of settings/rules to restore.

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