I Can't Buy EIS

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I Want to buy EIS License with AdGuard. (Emsisoft Show me buy EIS and get AdGuard Free License)

But I Leave in Iran and My Country Support site not Work.

How Can Buy this Special Offer?

I Don't have Other Country Money or Credit Card.

I Have My Country Credit Card


Please Help Me and My Country People 

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Dear Captain,


All our online payments are handled by our e-commerce partner Cleverbridge if you order over our main website.


Usually they offer the most common payment methods for all countries. Please make sure you don't use any VPN software so that our online shop can determine your location properly, all the payment options you see in our shopping cart are the ones that can be offered. There are a bunch of payment methods that should work worldwide and PayPal is one of them, but you want to order from here to find these payment methods:


I'm unsure what you mean with your "country support site don't work", Emsisoft Iran is online and can be found here:


You can reach out to our local distributor in Iran by sending a message to this email address: info [at] emsisoft [dot] co [dot] ir


You might want to purchase a new license from our distributor in Iran and once you have it let me know the new license key per private message (PM) here in the forum in the case that he might can not help you to get a free 1 year license for Adguard because of our current promo as well.

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