Looks like a false positive

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There is this application called Everything by voidtools and it's quite a nice app. It helps locate files and folders instantly and I am sure it is legit.


The "Everything.exe" file is however detected as malicious by Emsisoft and so is its "Uninstall.exe" and this definitely looks like a false positive. Please check the attached screenshot.


The interesting thing though is that as per the the latest analysis report from Virustotal, Emsisoft doesn't detect it as malicious  and so the question that arises is why did it detect the file in the first place


Here's the link to the report -


Not just this but the "Uninstall.exe" of Glary utitilities is also detected as a file trying to modify some autorun settings and this again is a well known software.


I've already submitted the files for analysis. Can we please get this rectified at the earliest?

Download Image

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It looks like one of our malware analysts has already replied to a duplicate of this topic at this link, so I'm going to close this one for now. ;)

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