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File that is not supposed to be scanned as per the whitelist, is also being scanned

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If a file is whitelisted by selecting just the "Scanner", the file should no longer be found by on demand scans as per the URL http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/7086-whitelist-checkboxes/
I decided to try this out and so I added the "vlc.exe" file to the whitelist and only selected "Scanner". I then ran a custom scan of just the VideoLAN folder where the "vlc.exe" file resides.

Unexpectedly, it scanned all the 622 files that were inside that folder whereas ideally, it should have scanned 621 since the vlc.exe file was whitelisted.

Please check the attached screenshots and let me know why it's behaving like this.





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I was able to reproduce the issue like before. Maybe the problem is just with EIS. Nevertheless, the debug logs are in the attached ZIP archive.


Please be aware that this time, the VideoLan folder had 621 files and so ideally, Emsisoft was expected to scan just 620 files since the vlc.exe file was excluded but it scanned all the 621 files. So basically the issue is still there.


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After some investigation I can confirm that this is not a bug.


The scanner doesn't completely avoid a file in the whitelist, but rather just doesn't detect it if excluded.

This is the reason why the number of 'Scanned' files will be equal to the nr of files in the selected folder.


When you add an item to the whitelist, it will not be detected.



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I see but for some reason, I do not quite understand why it would scan an excluded file. I mean as you just said, it won't detect the excluded file anyways and so I do not see any benefit in scanning such a file.


It would be just useless work. Don't you think?

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Our scanner is that fast that not scanning 1 file has no influence on the total scantime.

In the end, the most important thing is that whitelisting is fully functional.

The only thing that may be improved is the scanned items counter.



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not scanning 1 file has no influence on the total scantime.


I think you meant to say that scanning 1 file has no influence on the total scan time because if I understand, it does scan the excluded files. It just doesn't detect them.
I understand that the scanner is fast but no matter how fast it is, the scan does take some time and resources and therefore I think that the scan time should be invested properly.
I am just saying that this scan period where the excluded files are scanned which won't be helpful in any way, could be avoided.
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