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EIS update blocks Crashplan, stops Thunderbird from opening


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On my Win 7, 64-bit system, following the EIS v11.0.0.5847 update reboot, my system starts to crawl. Long boot time, Crashplan online backup can't connect to engine online, Thunderbird won't even open. I restored to an earlier image of my system, and all worked well. Then EIS wanted to install the update again, so I tried it, and the same problem occurred.


NOW, I notice that even EIS can't connect. I changed from beta to stable in the update setting, and clicked to update. The popup says: "Could not connect to the update server. Please check your internet connection and proxy settings."



And if my update is set to beta, and that's what's caused the problem, if I go back to the image of the past system when it all worked, EIS, set to beta, will immediately download the problematic update before I can change the setting to stable...if that would even make the difference.


Please advise asap.



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I restored, and immediately stopped the automatic update, switched off the beta option. My current verion is System works.


Do I leave updates on? Usually I have it hourly, but I'm afraid that the "stable version", if it shifts to v11, will kill my system again.


What is recommended?




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It's possible that this was related to an issue with files not being properly updated under certain conditions. This is an issue that we have fixed, and if you do a complete reinstall and then enable Beta Updates again you will get a proper upgrade. If I am correct and that is what the problem was, then you should be fine after that. Here's what to do:

1. Uninstall Emsisoft Internet Security.

2. Restart your computer twice.

3. Download and reinstall Emsisoft Internet Security from the following link:


Once Emsisoft Internet Security is reinstalled and running normally, you can turn Beta Updates back on if you would like to.

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