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Maybe a bug of EIS v10

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Hi, Emsisoft Staffs.smile.png


Maybe I found a bug of Emsisoft Internet Security v10.


Just now, I downloaded a malware pack consisting of 50 samples.


I decompressed it and scanned it with the option in the context menu.


The detection result is shown in the following screenshot.




Please pay attention to the items corresponding to 19.vir. (But the problem does not happen here).


Then I clicked the buttion "Delete selected".


After that, one item corresponding to 19.vir was left !




Then I clicked both "Quarantine selected" and "Delete selected", but none of them works. This is because, the file "19.vir" has actually been removed. So I think the problem that the item of "19.vir" was left in the detection list should be a bug.


I have repeated this several times. I am 100% sure that I can reproduce it.


The version number of EIS is


My operation system is windows 7 x64.

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