EIS Stops File Sharing !

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  I Have EIS With Beta updates Enabled On Windows 10.

Other Users in LAN can not access to my share folders while firewall is on.


What can I Do to fix issue?



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May I ask what version of EIS you have installed? When you open Emsisoft Internet Security you can click on 'About' in the gray box in the lower-right corner to see the version number.

If you want the version number to be displayed on the Overview screen when you open Emsisoft Internet Security, you can do the following:

1. Open Emsisoft Internet Security.

2. In the gray box that says 'License', hold your mouse over where it says "Renew for free!".

3. A little 'X' will appear to the right of where it says "Renew for free!".

4. Click on the little 'X', and the version number will be shown instead.

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