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EIS/SpyShelter Incompatibility Issue


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After installing the latest SpyShelter Premium and a reboot to activate it I got a completely black screen. Only the litte white arrow appeared in it. 

I solved that using my Recovery USB stick for Windows 8.1, and a System Restore point made before installing SpyShelter.


On advice of SpyShelter I tried again after uninstalling EIS, and then there was no problem. Could Emsisoft have a look into this please? I'll add the link to this thread to my SpyShelter support ticket so they can also have a look at this here. 


EIS and SpyShelter used to work fine together.

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SpyShelter Premium does appear to have some sort of network filtering, which generally means a WFP (Windows Filtering Platform) driver. We don't officially support using Emsisoft Internet Security on the same computer with other software that uses WFP drivers, due to the unpredictable nature of multiple WFP drivers being used to capture network traffic. That being said, you can try adding exclusions so that Emsisoft Internet Security isn't opening hooks to SpyShelter Premium's processes and see if that helps, and vice versa to see if that resolves the issue. Process exclusions are recommended for this in Emsisoft Internet Security, however adding SpyShelter Premium's folder to the whitelist as well is not a bad idea.

Here are instructions on adding processes to the whitelist in Emsisoft Internet Security:

  • Open Emsisoft Internet Security from the icon on the desktop.
  • Click Protection.
  • Select File Guard in the menu at the top.
  • On the right side, roughly in the middle, click on the Manage whitelist button.
  • In the box under Type click the little down arrow and select Process (you may need to click in the box for the arrow appear).
  • Click in the gray box below Item to make a button with three dots (...) appear, and then click the ... button.
  • Navigate to the directory where the files you wish to exclude are located, and double-click on one of them to add it.
  • Repeat the last 3 steps as needed to add each file to the exclusions list.
  • Click the OK button at the bottom when done, and close Emsisoft Internet Security.
Folder exclusions are similar, you just select "Folder" instead of "Process".
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  • 4 months later...

I decided to trust EIS enough not to add SpyShelter to my notebook after my last post here. And I never came back to this thread. Until now, because today I received an email from them about an upgrade. So I decided to come back here, and see if there had been a reply. 


I installed SpyShelter again, and added its file for exclusion in EIS, but after rebooting the black screen still appeared again. Luckily via my Recovery USB and System Backup saved on an external drive I had my notebook working again as before in about 25 min. 


I guess I could install SpyShelter again and this time look for the program as well besides the folder to add to the exclusions. But instead I decided again to trust EIS enough to not install SpyShelter also. I feel very well protected by EIS.


Thank you very much for your tutorial. I might someday need it for something else.

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