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Future of EMS


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I'm curious what the future brings for EMS.

I'm using Android for years now and have used different security suites to harden it. The security within Android has gotten better with the years is my impression. So that I'm not scared of using, just, Google's security features.

They scan the apps uploaded to the Play Store and have the system agent to lock, locate and wipe your phone.

What additional security feature(s) is EMS going to give me in the future? Right now I don't see features that makes me want to use EMS. When is the anti-theft module going to be upgraded with 'criminal-selfies' or features alike?


Greetings and have a good weekend!

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Hi maniac2003,


Thank you for your request.


I'm sorry but there is no information available about features that will be added to Emsisoft Mobile Security and also no ETA of a new major version. We hope that we can serve with an improved version with new/more/better features soon and we will inform all our users once we have information to share available.


As you mentioned "criminal-sefies" we recognised this feature is requested pretty often and we'll look into it. What you already can do (besides locating, locking, wiping the device or play an alarm sound) is make your phone call your trusted number with speakers activated using SMS commands: https://helpdesk.emsisoft.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/187/45/how-to-use-sms-commands-in-emsisoft-mobile-security


Please let me know if I can assist any further.

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Hi Thomas,


Thanks for the update and the tip.

Is it to be considered to take the development of a mobile security app fully in-house?


I'm asking this because from what I've seen EMS is just Bitdefender with a different skin. Nothing wrong with it per sé just lacking in features I think.


Kind regards,


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Dear Richard,


Thank you for your reply.


If it turns out enough users are interested in an security app for Android from us and we have the chance to develop a new version fully in-house I'm sure we'll go forward and try to make it possible. So while I'm not aware of any concrete recent plans this is not out of the realm of possibility.


Thank you for your interest in our software solutions!

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