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BSOD in "fwndisf64.sys"


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Sorry you're having problems with EIS.


Could you please give me the crash dump files if there're any on your system or

configure your system to create dumps and submit them later once you'll get a blue screen ?


How to configure crashdump files:



Once you'll have the dump files, just zip them and attach to your next reply in this topic.


Thank you in advance,

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Thank you.


One of the dump files (081115-12156-01.dmp) says the crash was caused by hmpalert.sys driver.

Which I think belongs to Hitman Pro.


The second one says that crash was caused by fwndislwf64.sys.


So, you had 2 different BSODS actually.


I'll look into the 2nd one and will post here once it'll be fixed.


Thank you for the dumps,

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I've uninstalled, downloaded latest version and done a fresh install and all seems ok now.... so far!

When it updated before , it prompted to reboot but i postpned it, so maybe the delay caused a problem?


UPDATE: Spoke too soon, just crashed again! Oh well sure you guys will find a solution.

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