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Going to college. College public WIFI requires a login (student ID and password). From what I read, that is good for security. I use a VPN. My question is. what can a firewall (EIS) offer me in this situation?


How can Emsisoft firewall protect me more than Windows 10 firewall? Why? Thanks ;)

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Most firewalls perform the function of blocking incoming traffic fairly well. Where they differ are the extra features, such as application control. The Windows Firewall has slowly evolved over the years, and can seem a bit complicated (especially for those who aren't used to it). It also has a history of not being very informative. While I don't have any personal experience with Windows 10, from what I've seen in videos and such the controls seem to be very similar to the Windows Firewall in Windows 7.

Emsisoft Internet Security differs in the fact that it aims to be easier to use than the average firewall. You won't find all of the options in our software that you'll find in the Windows Firewall, and rule creation is a bit easier. The Windows Firewall also doesn't have any advanced HIPS or behavioral monitoring system, which is a big area where premium firewalls differ from the Windiws Firewall. Once again we prefer to keep things simpler with a behavior blocker that attempts to make as many automated decisions as it can rather than simply displaying alerts for anything that is performing a behavior/action we monitor.

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