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Could EAM still be used as a companion antivirus?

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I remember that in the past, it is claimed in the Q&A section that Emsisoft Anti-Malware can be used along with other antivirus softwares.


But it seems that that claim has been removed from the current version of your website.


I hope to know whether EAM still could be a companion antivirus.

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The thing with compatibility is that it outright blocks a whole bunch of features we would like to add. That is why we no longer recommend using EAM alongside any other AV software. At the moment we are still compatible with pretty much all of them and if we can easily work around a conflict we will still do so. However, we no longer consider a degradation of compatibility a blocker for new features.


With the new features you mentioned, especially the anti-exploit feature, could Emsisoft products still be used along with other anti-exploit products? Or would this cause compatibility issues?

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