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Quarantine & a few other issues

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Apologies if this has been reported before.


EIS11 .5911. on Windows 10 latest build,




Ran quick scan and Application.AdReg (A) registry entry found. Quarantined,


Ran Malware scan and it was found again. Quaratined again. 


Rebooted and ran another Quick Scan and Application.AdReg (A) detected again. Logs show 3 detections so far and logs for scan show it detected each time but Quarantine is empty so it looks like Quarantine not working.




For info I can't apply built in templates with the Firewall as reported elsewhere.


Also using Private Internet Access client I can't connect to VPN unless I select Allow All in Firewall Rules despite allowing any Firewall Alerts I've gotten. Is it expected when set to Ask you need to build rules in advance or should it Alert to each connection attempt so you can decide?


Having some real start-up delays too. About 45 seconds pre EIS about 90 post. Is this expected?



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I was able to reproduce the issue with selecting a template when creating a firewall rule in Application Rules, and have informed our QA Manager about it.

As for the other issue, would it be possible to post the scan log here for me to take a look at? Here's how to do that:

1. Open Emsisoft Internet Security.

2. Click on 'Logs'.

3. In the menu right above the green bar near the top, click on 'Scan'.

4. Find the scan log in the list, and double-click on it to open it.

5. Click on 'File' and then "Save As" to save it on your desktop.

6. Attach the scan log you saved on your desktop to a reply.

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