Major problem has prevented the application from starting

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Keep getting a message that says major problem has prevented the application from starting.  Emsisoft Security can't connect to the service application.  Please restart computer and try again or contact support if the problem persists.  Have done multiple restarts have completely shut down and restarted.  Sent in an email to support 3 days ago with no reply.  Any ideas of what I should try next.

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a reinstall should fix this issue.


Please uninstall Emsisoft Internet Security, allow it to restart your computer, and then follow the instructions below:

1. Hold down the Windows key on your keyboard (the one with the Windows logo on it, usually between the Ctrl and Alt keys) and tap the 'R' key to open the Run dialog.
2. Type "%TEMP%" into the field, and click the 'OK' button.
3. A window should open showing you your TEMP files.
4. Look for a folder named 'a2temp', and if you find it then delete it.
5. Restart your computer.

After that you can download and reinstall Emsisoft Internet Security from the following link:

Now Emsisoft Internet Security starts without problems and is working as expected?

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