The FF slow start - 22 seconds

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I was informed in the post below that the slow start issue has been resolved


The FF slow start issue has been fixed in EIS v11.0.0.5911 stable


I has not for me.


EIS v11.0.0.5911 is what I have and I still find it slow (22 seconds). Turning off protection gives me instant FF

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I am using EIS v11 and updated a moment ago as well, and still have the same issue.


Firefox 43.0b3 i loaded the beta version because of its new feature ""

which has its own built-in ad-blocking.


However a day before the stable firefox version wasn't working either,

so i think the same issue is prevalent.


I've attached the a2service log file, it starts at exactly the moment I began


Firefox.exe -safe-mode


and ends the moment it completes.


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Tried to sort out the lines with the largest delays over 700ms, but didnt see anything of interest.

perhaps someone else can make use of it.

Line 1064
Line 1068
Line 1079
Line 1083
Line 1094
Line 1098
Line 1109
Line 1113
Line 1266

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i can reproduce the issue. Please open EIS and go to Settings -> Updates. Choose on Update-Feed: Beta from the menu. Then run a online update and follow the restart message.


The delay on starting FF is gone now?

I'm game to try that but then can I go back to stable? Not too keen on anything alpha or beta.

Plus the guy above, iWarren, said it did not work for him. I'm FF 42.0

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