Delete quarantined registry keys?

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Please advise if these two quarantined registry keys should be deleted.


They were in quarantine several months, then in October I had to uninstall EAM and reinstall several days later.  They reappeared on reinstallation of EAM. Did they go back into the registry when EAM was uninstalled?


Rescan says they are not false positives (so "submit" is grayed out).


Since EAM says these two are "no risk", why are they quarantined?


I'm technically a newbie, so please advise if it's OK to just delete them.  Keys to "disable task mgr" and "disable registry tools" just sound bad.


Thank you.

Download Image

quarantine Nov 2015.txt

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Those keys are just policies that can be exploited by malware, but they aren't bad by default. No harm in deleting them from quarantine, a lot of programs recreate those if they are deleted anyway :)

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To add to what Alexstrasza said, if they keep reappearing in your scan results, then you can just right-click on them from the scan results to whitelist them.

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