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Tray Icon Not Showing

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A few days ago I posted here that after the EAM update to version 11, WinPatrol notified that “a program [a2guard.exe] previously set to run automatically on startup will no longer use this function”. Later the system tray icon didn’t show.


I then read the same-titled topic in the EIS forum and checked Settings to find the option “Enable real time protection at startup” was now unchecked.


After two reinstalls that option remained checked after a reboot.


However, when I started my pc a few minutes ago I got the same Winpatrol notification again. I checked Settings and the “Enable real time protection at startup” was once again unchecked.


Very worrying that had it not been for WinPatrol I would’ve been using an unsecured PC.

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Replying to GT500:


When the system tray icon disappeared (I think after a couple of reboots), I checked Settings and “Enable real time protection at startup” had become unchecked. 


Replying to Peter2150:


As advised, I uninstalled EAM, rebooted twice, deleted the remaining EAM folder and reinstalled on 22/11/15.


So far the EAM system tray icon hasn't disappeared and "Enable real time protection" has remained checked.


I've now noticed in the notification area window the attached icons/notifications. I've not seen A2GUARD.EXE.old before and the date shown is a day after I installed EAM.


I'm having a bit of trouble with the attachments. Each image is being duplicated. 

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Are you using the Flash uploader/manager for the attachments?

If you hold down the Ctrl and Shift keys, then tap Esc to open the Task Manager, and switch to the Processes tab, do you see a2guard.exe in the list? If so, is the name just a2guard.exe or does it actually say a2guard.exe.old?

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I was just wondering because your screenshots showed "A2GUARD.EXE.old".

As for the issue at hand, it looks like it is only happening on 64-bit editions of Windows, and only when the computer is shut down or restarts.

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System tray icon missing on start up today for the first time since reinstalling on 25 November. "Enable real-time protection..." was unchecked. Once checked, icon showed up.


Is the nature of this bug such that my PC is still protected?





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My emsisoft just updated and after I reboot I no longer see the tray icon and can't seem to even open emsisoft.  I can see in my task manager it's running but can't seem to bring up any GUI.


I'm running Win 8.1 x64 version.


I have the same issue.

In the Task Manager I can see the Emisoft Protection Service and Real-Time Protection active but I'm unable to bring up the GUI and I'm missing the tray icon.

This happened after the last program update I got a few days ago.

a2service.exe is version



In my case yes I'm running HitmanPro.Alert (3.1.1 build 351).



Yes, updated and running again.

Updating to the latest HitmanPro.Alert beta fixed it. (see: http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/19677-lost-compatibility-with-hitmanpro-alert/#entry145742)

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All stable updates are automatically downloaded and installed, and they are also automatically bundled into our latest installer so anyone who downloads it and uses it to install our software will always have the latest stable version (including any hotfixes).

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Hi Arthur,


I asked about the update because I set the update to stable on one of my PC last night. The device updated to and post boot no tray icon. Rebooted 2x andstill no tray icon....... Down graded to previous version which is correctly working. The PC is running windows 7 64 bit service pack 1. Not sure why there is an issue, possibly the downloaded software has not been updated? EAM did the install through an autmated update.




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